Monday, January 11, 2016

2715 in Floral Green Organic Cotton Plus Corduroy

Hi! I'm happy to be back and pairing up again with Organic Cotton Plus, a great resource for organic fabrics. I've worked with them once in the past showcasing the beautiful organic fabrics they offer. You can view that post HERE 

When looking through the site to decide which fabric I'd be working with, I came across a gorgeous corduroy fabric. It was REALLY tough choosing between the blue, green, and navy they offer in the fabric, but I ended up choosing the green as I thought it would look beautiful on my little lady, Skye. 

Aren't they pretty? 

I had just purchased a really cute new pattern by Mingo & Grace called 2715 and decided it would be a great chance to try out two new things. Since the pattern didn't have sizes under 2t I had to make a size larger than what Skye is in right now, which really isn't terrible since 2715 is a skirt + crop top and right now Iowa isn't having crop top weather. Come spring she'll be on point! 

The fabric washed up so nicely, it needed zero ironing and the colors were brilliant. I'm a huge fan of organic cotton and every time I work with it, I'm reminded of why. 

Overall, this outfit is just amazing. I love how everything turned out! I'm in the process of creating another set of the pattern and have just a tiny bit of the corduroy left over. I have plans to use it to make a winter hat because who doesn't need a pick me up of florals in the dead of winter?? 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Violette Dress in Purple Unicorns

Another busy week! I had my last holiday market of the year, the Market Day Merry Market, and did some sewing for my family and friends this week too. I'll be sharing the first with you today, the Violette Dress by VFT in purple unicorns was put sewn up for my daughter Lily. I normally sew her a "fancy" dress this time of year for all the holiday gatherings and special events we attend. Grandma also gifted her with a special night out to dinner + tickets to the broadway show "The Wizard of Oz." 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Winter Pajamas in Indigo + Unicorns

 Winter is certainly closing in on us here in the Midwest. Even though the forecast says we'll have quite a few 40 degree days (what?!) this month, I'm not a winter person and prefer above all else, to be in sweltering heat with no air conditioning. So, to me it's still pretty cold. haha 
Which has led me to make my oldest some new snuggly pajamas. She loves those pajama sets that have a matching top and bottom. We get them given to us from friends who have older children, but she has shot up another few inches and it's leaving her ankles a bit exposed. I thought I better take matters into my own seamstress hands rather than go purchase a new set. It sure does feel good to have practical skills. :) 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Very Happy Handmade Halloween: Sleeping Beauty, Wolverine, & A Baby Bear

Ah! I've been gone for so long, I wasn't sure I'd be able to jump back into blogging again! I've certainly missed sharing my handmade items with you guys, but I'll admit that the stress of photographing and writing posts wasn't. I also began selling my clothing and the constant promotion of my brand has dominated much of my "free time." 
BUT, here I am. Back and ready to share my 2015 Halloween handmade costumes. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

DIY Best Bottom Diaper Tutorial

Hey guys! I was suggesting my diaper cover pattern + tutorial to a friend the other day and was saddened to find the link to the tutorial wasn't working. Granted, I am not a tech savvy person so fixing it will be an undertaking in itself. If anyone has advice on how to do that, I would be forever grateful! Until then, the most obvious answer was to post the tutorial into its own blog post and link it to the pattern. My main goal is to offer an inexpensive alternative to buying pre-made diapers and I hope this tutorial does that! 

Here we go!

First you need the pattern- you can find it at my original post HERE.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Are you ready?

The winner of the Thread Cutterz ring is Beth James!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thread Cutterz Ring Review and Giveaway

Hey guys! 

Hope you're gearing up for a killer 4th of July or just a killer weekend if you aren't in the states! I plan on spending the day doing yard work and breaking for mixed drinks and embroidery. I've been doing a lot more stitching on the go, and now I have a great product to share with you to make those impromptu sewing moments as easy as they SHOULD be. 

This little tool is called a Thread Cutterz Ring. Instead of keeping my little nippers in my lap while sewing, I'm able to slip it on and keep track of my cutter at all times. It's been such a time saver not to mention a huge stress relief!