Monday, August 25, 2014

Sew Geeky Marvel Vs. DC: Batman Toddler Backpack

WOOHOO! I've never made my kids a backpack and it was time to check that item off my bucket-list. Though, I feel like there could be more in the future since it was really fun to sew. 

I grabbed the Toddler Backpack pattern by Made By Rae when it was featured on the Friday Fiver for $5, yessssss. 

During the last Sew Geeky sewalong I created a Mrs. Pacman dress for Lily. This time Archer was up, and with the theme being Marvel vs. Dc there was no way I could lose. He loves superheroes and plans his day around which one(s) he's pretending to be. 

I wanted to play with the whole cape theme since his favorite superhero shirt is a Batman one that has a cape. I mean, this is his first year out of the nursery& he needs to start it off right! I took the cape off his shirt and used it as a template. Then I simply sandwiched it between the zipper and panel when adding the zipper after making sure it was centered. I also screen-printed the Batman logo onto the cape. 

Now for the cute stuff...
I assume this is what is going on in Archer's imagination. :)

Notes on the pattern: If you aren't using nice & stiff fabric, use lots of interfacing so the backpack maintains it's shape. 

Shirt: Thrifted
Shorts: Handmade using The Small Fry Skinny Jeans, Material: Joann's 
Shoes: Freshly Picked Moccs 
Backpack: Handmade using The Toddler Backpack pattern by Made By Race, Material: Batman Fabric - Joanns Blue Twill - Gifted Piping/Zipper/Hardware - Joanns

Alright,  you made it to the end! 
Freshly Picked has generously offered to give away a pair of their awesome Moccs to one of my readers. 

US residents only& end friday at noon cst- winner picked that day& announced to start off the weekend right!; 
To Enter: Go to the Freshly Picked website and comment with your favorite color of moccs. For a second entry you can follow me on Bloglovin and leave a comment saying so (if you already do, hooray! tell me!). 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sewing for the store-front shop: Saffron Twirl Dress in Pink & Orange Elephants

Why have I been so busy lately? 
Well, aside from the fact that we homeschool, have a new baby, are renovating a house, and are in my husbands "busy" season at work (yeah there's ANOTHER reason as if I needed one!) ...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

From the Saturn to a tractor...

Well hey there!

It happened. 
Do you see that photo up there? Yeah, that's us! 
A few weeks ago, my husband sat down and discussed with me how much we needed a tractor. On the list of reasons? Well, the weeds have grown almost ten feet tall on all ten acres of our land ... no way can they be mowed and hiring someone to come every few weeks is expensive. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

The All-Spice Dress in Floral & Ruffles

My final All-Spice tester dress is another intricate one. Yeah, I could have quickly sewn up something to satisfy my role as tester, but how much fun is that?? Lily loves everything ruffles and girly, which if fine with me although I'm not a huge fan of them. If you remember, not too long ago I changed my mantra to "quality rather than quantity." I want my kids to wear their handmade clothing happily, and if that means taking a bit of extra time on them then I'll do it. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Kcw - The Last Days + 1; All-Spice Mural Dress

All my dreams of finishing my dress by day 7 were shattered at about 9pm last night. 
I finally realized it just wasn't going to happen, but I kept embroidering until around 10pm. Then I needed a goods nights rest and to give myself today to finish up. 

Plush Pony (take 2) in Floral

Not long ago I made an adorable plush Fox Lovey for my newborn, which got me thinking about the first plush toy I ever made, a pony for Lily Mae. I kept going back to it in my head thinking about how I learned so much from it and had so much fun creating it. I began planning #2 in my head, well here she is. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

KCW Day 4 - Skirt & More Embroidery

Day 4

I'm still chugging along getting in at least an hour a day, if not a bit more. It's hard to tell sometimes when I'm able to pick it up for 10 minutes at a time here and there and then again at nap time.